Plan 9 from OuterSpace – 1958

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Ed Wood is a drag (queen), this movie is a drag and queen of the worst films

Plan 9 from Outerspace has  been coined one of the worst sci-fi, space, zombie vampire movies of all times. Well even in 2010 the critics are right, this is a 4 Crapper piece of diarrhea.  Not only was this movies stupid, during the shooting Bela Lugosi died yet was replaced by a much taller Tom Mason. Poor Ed Wood must have been concentrating on his date with J ‘hey girl friend!’ Edgar Hoover and not directing directing a piece of crap.  Yes he dressed in drag, and this movie is a drag.

Where else can you have Zombie Vampires, you can see the strings, the cardboard boxes with black sheets for a set, a steering wheel for the controls of a airplane etc.  Rent this one and rush to the bathroom its a stinker!

This one gets 4 Crappers for at black and white sci-fi , zombie vampire space pooper.

Movie was Rated WTF,  not sure since in 1958 you couldn’t poot without being considered obscene.

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