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Laserblast ~ 1978

Laserblast Young Billy Duncan  (Kim Milford) finds a strange device, a weapon from a crashed space ship.  He become evil, gross looking and zombie like and endd up vaporizing those that gave him shit.  Pretty much I wrote more about … Continue reading

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Mom and Dad Save the World ~ 1992

Mom and Dad Save the World Or do they?  Think of a movie with oversized puppets, brightly colored sets and Jon Lovitz.  Yup this movie has that.  Emperor Tod Spengo  (Lovitz) wants to blow up the world, Teri Garr (mom), … Continue reading

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Orgazmo ~ 1997

Orgazmo omfg… really? The same ass hats the brought you southpark, BASEketball, Team America: World Police.. Comes, or cums Orgazmo!  A worthless piece of crap movie about a Moromon Missionary (Parker) needing to make money and becomes a porn star … Continue reading

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