What About Bob ~ 1991

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Ya, what about bob?

What About Bob ~ 1991
What the bob, what the puck?  Starring Bill Murray (Bob) , Richard Dreyfuss (Dr. Leo Marvin) and directed by Frank Oz.  We all expected so much more from this movie and it grossed over $60 million!  Holy Bob!!! I mean Mr Oz you brought us Miss piggy, Spies like us, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Master Yoda! . But this piece of crap about a obsessive-compulsive Bob (Murray) whom is spot on as  (wait for it) himself!  Go figure he plays Bob , its should be just called Who gives a shit Bill, or OMG Bill is here, or Rocky 27 Dr. Leo Marvin beat the shit out of Bob .  I could barely stand Murray in Ghostbusters, and love his whoopies you dead in Zombieland but meh this one falls into the ego selfcenteredness you play all to well on the golf course, on interviews and in person.  Too bad that Dryfuss plays the psychiatrist instead of someone actually funny like , umm Mr Ed.  The doctor and his family attempt to vacation until Bill, I mean Bob shows up and can’t take NO for an answer.  I think a roll of duct-tape and  a cane lashing would have fixed that issue real quick! I mean poking fun at someone whom I can’t stand to be around or people with mental health issues is one thing, but this movie is a slap in the face to comedies and majorly lame

2.5 Crappers for What was Frank Oz thinking. but -1 just because Yoda used the force on me.

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