Orgazmo ~ 1997



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omfg… really?

The same ass hats the brought you southpark, BASEketball, Team America: World Police..

Comes, or cums Orgazmo!  A worthless piece of crap movie about a Moromon Missionary (Parker) needing to make money and becomes a porn star and his alter ego of Orgazmo.

This movie isn’t a porn other than the fact you want to strip off your clothes and run out of the house naked!  Wow  lame, potty mouth teenager could have written, directed and produced this movie.  Trey Parker likes to insult anyone and everyone in this movie.

If could summerize the plot.  Garbage, bad dialog, Ron Jeremy, wana-be humor and lame as hell disco style music.

This one gets a royal flush.  Don’t waste your time …


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