Kazaam ~ 1996

Kazaam  ~ 1996

From writer and director Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky & Hutch tv series) this movie is no Genie in a bottle by any means.  A modern boombox genie played by non other than Shaquille O’Neal whom grants the wishes of a would be emo (Max) played by Francis Capra.  The story is pretty sappy and Shaq you missed again like many of your free-throws.  I can’t believe you got contracted to do multiple movies, how did that work out?  (insert your gut busting laughter here).  Well max is picked on, his dad is puke, his life is a mess, he is a emo just waiting for someone to save him, in poof mr boombox genie is hear to grant every wish for a brat that wants everything for himself.  I say brat because piles of manna from heaven in this movie is candy and crap, but Max does turn mr Shaq-foo into a free genie in the end.

On the crapper err Shaqer scale you get a 2.5 on the crapper.

Thanks to @ashbuckles for the inspiration on this one.

Rated PG for action violence and language.

Shaq again step off the free-throw line and breeve (well thats what is sounds like when you say the word breath).

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