Doom ~ 2005

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Doomed Movie

DOOM was Doomed from the start.  There has always been a problem with movies based on video/computer games.  They all seem to suck.  Well Doom lives up to this as well.  Based on one of the best selling computer games of all times, Doom brings us Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock (Sarge) {Tooth Fairy, WWF as the Rock), Rosamund Pike (Surrogates, Die Another Day), Karl Urban (Star Trek, Red).

Space is a great place to fail in the movies.  Doom sends marines to Mars to investigate strange finding, and well all hell break loose to say the least.  Sarge (The Rock) only concern is to kick ass and take names, but forget the names he would rather kill em all and let God sort them out.  Karl Urban plays John whom happens to be named similar to John Carmack the co-founder of ID software the makers of the video game Doom.  There is a even a 5 minute DOOM view of the video game play when John zones out.  This happens to be the best part of the movie to be honest, and fans of the game will surly love that homage to the video game as well.

The demise of this movie is three fold.  ‘Based on a video game’, bad acting, and a 100 minute commercial for a video game.

Crapper rating 2.5.

Rated R for cursing, gore, sci-fi violence and the Rocks attempt to say B.F.G

Scores a 2.5 on the Doom crapper scale.

Stats:  (source IMDB)

$60,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend:
$15,488,870 (USA) (23 October 2005) (3043 Screens)
$28,031,250 (USA) (27 November 2005)

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