Totally Baked: A Pot-U-Mentary ~ 2007

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Totally drugged stupid movie

Totally Baked: A pot-u-mentary

Craig Shoemaker (narrator/ Stoners mind), Lee Abbott , Franklyn Ajaye, Michelle Alexandria.. This movie should be called a stetch or and endorsement to the pot culture.  This entire movie is full of stupid pot related stories, f*bombs, and nudity.  Why?  Because pot-heads always get the hot models and have millions of dollars to waste because of their high paying jobs.  Wait what, no they are 40 years old and moved back in with their mom and smell like the pee in the underwear!

Totally baked is a pot already, but one you piss in.  This is a waste of screen time and paid actors.

Rated R: for Drug you (no shit), nudity, sexual situation, bad acting and crappyness.

3.5 almost got a royal flush!  herbs this is not.

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