Going Overboard ~ 1989

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Going overboard blech

Going Overboard…. over overboard! drown..

Staring Burt Young
(Rocky), Adam Sandler,Scott LaRose.

A very young Adam Sandler (Schecky Moskowitz) is a comedian , oh really?  Well he is struggling to make a name for himself and winds up working on cruise-ship  as a putz.  So really he plays Adam Sandler as Adam Sandler.

The punch lines are non existent, if you are a Sandler fan you wont like this movie at all. This movie has several productions issues, like the film aboard a ship that was used for a beauty pagent, the wrong lens was brought for the cameras and basicly crappy story line put Going Overboard to going.. going.. gone!

3.0 on the crapper scale.

Rated R for language, brief nudity, crappy acting and Adam Sandler’s fails for his first feature length movie.

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