The Return of Swamp Thing ~1989

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Lucky plant man holding heather

The Return of Swamp Thing , or swamp thing 2, or whoo hoo Heather locklear in the swamp.  This movie is stupid, and if wasn’t for Ms locklear and your hawtness on screen I would have skipped this movie for sure.

This movie again stars Dick Durock yes that is his real name and the swamp thing, with Louis Jourdan as Dr. Anton Arcane. Yes I thought he was killed off as well in the first movie, but its bad movies and plot holes that get you each time.

Ms Locklear plays a bubble head niece of Dr Arcane, that has to go visit uncle A in the swamp.  This swamp is bad ass it has all sorts of critters err actors in rubber suits.  These critters are Dr Arcane creations gone wrong but swampee is here to save us all.

I’m not lying when I stay this is a crapper of a movie either.

This movie only grossed :: $192,816 (USA).

Rated PG-13 for on screen lameless, exploding heads and sexy busty women.

3.0 on the crapper scale!  -0.5 just for having hwatness on the screen.

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