South Beach Academy ~ 1996

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Move out of the way corey

South Beach Academy.

Ok so how many boobs can you get on the screen at once?  Let’s see there is Corey Feldman, Al Lewis
and oh ya many Bikini glad ladies that look like they just stepped out of the bodyshop to be in this stupid sexploitation movie that is nothing more than a music video.  I kid you not take out all the nudity and rock music and you would have a 30 minute movie of Feldman trying to look cool in southern california.

Seriously from a weak storyline to a rock video style girl pulling her top off to show off the fake ‘ladies’  I doubt this movie has any real woman in it other than the fish in the ocean.  I forget what the plot line is in this movie as it just trash.  The tagline of This Year’s Student Body Is Shaping Up. make no sense  what students ?  No one has a brain in this movie.

Rated R for pervasive nudity and some sex scenes.  Sex scenes  Ya topless models dancing to music like it was a rock video!  many times over ..

3.0 on the crapper scale on this one.  boooo.  wait boooobs, wont cut it for this crapfest.

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