The Wolfman – 2010

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Where wolf? there woof woof this movie goes to the Dogs

The Wolfman – 2010 IMDB rating 6.0/10  WTF?

1 Shitter so you can make it to the bathroom before this one is over.

Staring :Simon Merrells (dude wash that greasy hair of yours) Gemma Whelan ,Emily Blunt, Anthony Hopkins.

This movie is a no brainer!  An man get bit by a wolf like animal , and no duh he mutants into a wearwolf.  No doubt we wonder (or do we) where it all started?  The alpha wolf the big Canis lupus familiaris played by Anthony Hopkins looks too old to be the bad guy, unless a wearwolf has the powers of the force , cuz damn!  He aint yoda, but sure does fly in the air like he is.  Being a wearwolf movie we honestly believe Universal was just trying to live off the lycans from from underworld.  Bad acting, digital dogs and minitures that look like it was done on a coffee table and having Anthony Hopkins in this movie is a insult to his work Enough all ready.

Rated R for bloody horror violence and gore.

Crapper rating 1.

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